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tay is bae

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i feel like taylorswift probably had this whole thing planned out in her pretty little mind just thinking about how EXCITED she was to surprise all her new cool tumblr friends and be in on a joke and make us all freak out, and during the whole time of her like designing and then getting the shirt printed she was probably like omg this is going to be SO GOOD!!!! 

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the thing is people without tumblr have NO clue what that shirt even means like homegirl is risking people’s best dressed for TUMBLR

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I hope taylor wears that on tour

b-stage outfit.

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taylor swift: aye, let's uproot the tumblr fandom tonight
taylor swift: hmmmm but how
taylor swift: should i change my icon to a photo of my 7 grammies
taylor swift: nah, too mild
taylor swift: !!!!!! i've got an idea!
taylor swift: mahahaha
taylor swift: muahahahaha
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taylor swift is about to drop a bomb on the music industry and she’s WEARING A CUSTOM MADE NO ITS BECKY SHIRT why do i do this to myself

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[14/?1989 moments

September 24 2014: Taylor Swift as her new alter ego, Becky

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